To Our Dear Beloved Community,

We have so very much to say, and at the same time we are at a loss for words. Ventura County has not only been home to our business for the last 31 years, it has been home to us, our families, coworkers, customers, neighbors, and dearest friends. Our lives are so deeply intertwined with our beloved community, that it is stitched into the very fabric of our lives. These last several days have really pulled at those seams. Our hearts were absolutely broken by the news of the the tragic shooting at Borderline, a place that we all have such fond memories of. We can not adequately express in words how much our hearts go out to the families of the victims, and the family of our fallen hero Officer Ron Helus.

As we have tried to catch our breath and manage our grief from this unspeakable turn of events, fires have broken out and raged through our already shaken community. We are devastated beyond measure.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with everyone who has been touched by these painful events in these last few days. And most importantly, our arms are outstretched. Our dear, beloved neighbors, we have been struggling alongside you, and we will be standing with you when all of this has passed. Last year as the fires raged though Ventura County we said that we knew our community was exceptionally strong, resilient, and united. We knew that we would come together, and hand in hand we could overcome even something of that magnitude. We were right. Despite all that was lost, we held on to each other, supported each other, and rebuilt. Our pride for our community is immeasurable, and now we must face these next challenges together again. We have risen from the ashes before, and we will do so again, hand in hand.

As always we want to offer our most heartfelt gratitude toward everyone who has gone above and beyond with their efforts, especially our first responders and our brave and dedicated fire fighters that continue to risk their lives to protect us. Thank you for everything.

As we rebuild, we want you all to know that The Sleep Shoppe Family is also here to help in any way that we can. What we want now, more than ever, is to be there to support the community that has always supported us.

We will continue to offer discounts, for as long as it takes to replace the beds that people have lost, so they can once again have a safe place to rest their healing hearts. And we truly welcome the privilege of helping our friends, families, and neighbors once again. Whatever we can do, however we can help, please don’t ever hesitate to call on us. Please reach out to us if you are in need, and we will be as always, in any way that we can, at your service.

UPDATE 11/14/18 at 9:45am: All of our stores are open once again!