INTIMATE: Abella Luxury Firm Euro Top

INTIMATE: Abella Luxury Firm Euro Top

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Tailormade Tufting™

- Tufting keeps the comfort and supports layers from shifting and sagging over time to help maintain years of a consistent and comfortable sleeping surface

4#RMF™ (responsive memory foam)

- This high density memory foam responds and conforms to your body contours to evenly distribute weight preventing pressure points and less tossing and turning.

2000 Perimeter Zoned Micro Coils

- Strategically positioned support zones through the center third and seating edges of this micro encased coil system, offer body pressure point relief and conforming comfort.

1022 Perfect Contour ® Reaction Coil System

– Over 1000 Active and Reaction coils work together to comfortably support each individual body shape and size to improve postural alignment while reducing motion disturbance.

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