INTIMATE: Abella Extra Firm Euro Top

INTIMATE: Abella Extra Firm Euro Top

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Tailormade Tufting™

- Tufting keeps the comfort and supports layers from shifting and sagging over time to help maintain years of a consistent and comfortable sleeping surface

Graphite Latex

– Graphite, a natural mineral, is infused with latex to enhance the resiliency and durability for pressure relieving comfort while helping wick away moisture and heat from your body for an optimal sleeping temperature surface

2000 Perimeter Zoned Micro Coils

- Strategically positioned support zones through the center third and seating edges of this micro encased coil system, offer body pressure point relief and conforming comfort.

1022 Perfect Contour ® Reaction Coil System

– Over 1000 Active and Reaction coils work together to comfortably support each individual body shape and size to improve postural alignment while reducing motion disturbance.

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